Monday, July 21, 2014

Chase by Flora Dain

The big bad Wolfe is back and he's still not afraid to state what he wants, "his eyes darken. "Me too. But I need you. I need you here. And know what? I need you now." Sometimes I think he's jokes just aren't funny, "he grins. "Where do I start? A false call-out to a fake stalker, bed and board to keep you out of trouble both real and imaginary, the exquisite torture of having to watch your highly spankable little a** making it's way up my staircase and through doorways with no chance of me seeing to it. Shall I go on?" He knows how to let his woman know that she is surely wanted anytime, "allowed? You're essential. And I want to see you. Get that delectable little a** round here." He drops the phone and captures my other arm, pinning me to his chest." He gives strange reasons for wanting to fly her off where ever he is, "because I might fancy a eff. Or a blowjob. Or a poem. I might need you without warning, just for some intelligent conversation, or to watch me shave. How should I know?" Even though a third book is coming out this was a great ending where you wouldn't have to read the third book. 

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