Sunday, July 27, 2014

Taste by Cambria Hebert

Spencer takes his job to protecting Elle onto so many levels the first being he'd commit murder, "his hand covered mine and wrapped around it, squeezing my fingers. "Thank effing God," he said. "I thought I was going to go to jail for murder." The second being able to see Elle in compromising positions, "now is not the time to try and seduce me, Elle," he deadpanned. "I need to see how badly you're burned." The third getting to help her in those compromising positions:
             "Wait 'til you see the inside of my shower," he said, coming up and wrapping his arms around me.
             "And what is so special about his shower?" I asked. 
            "I'm going to be naked in it." 
And finally the fourth he wants her with him at all times, "Spencer held up his hand and spoke, his voice hard and cold, leaving no room for argument. "She is a witness in a federal investigation. She's in danger, and I'm pi**ed off. She stays with me."  You've got to love a man who has a soft spot for his woman and is a total alpha. 

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