Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Take Down by Mallery Malone

Either Gabriel has some major self control or the boy is just stupid when it comes to Kari, "the temperature's dropping," he said, taking a step back from her. "For both our sakes, we should join the others in the dining room for dessert." I loved how when Kari was feeling pain Gabriel wanted to do damage to the one that caused it, "she'd been crying. Anger swamped him as he took notice of the tears drying on her cheeks, the way she hugged herself as if trying to contain the pain. The urge to find her father and beat a lesson into the man burned through Gabriel but he forced the rage down." Kari can be a little temptress and can get Gabriel all flustered:
               "No. I mean, hell yes. I mean-" he broke off, thumping his head against the bed as she stroked him. "Eff me."
                "I'm trying to, but you keep stopping me." She cupped him again.
I really enjoyed this book and for a minute there I thought we were going to be left with a cliffhanger.

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