Monday, June 23, 2014

The Protectors: Adam by Teresa Gabelman

I loved seeing everyone in this book but I just wished it had focused more on Adam, I felt that he didn't get much of a spotlight and that was kind of disappointing as this was his book. As the book got further along we see more and more of him, and we see some emotion of the girl he lover, "it does to me." She pried her hand away from his. "It kills me to think you believed I just threw the love I had for you away, like you meant so little to me." When it comes to his Angel you see him be so tender hearted: 
                                     "Angel?" Adam slowly pulled out of her, thinking he hurt her. "Angel?" His voice rose as he rolled off her.
                                     Turning her head, she opened her eyes. "Can we do it again?" A grin spread across her face. "That was amazing."
                                     This time Adam snapped his eyes closed, flopping back on the bed. "Jesus. I thought I hurt you." 
I'm hoping that the next book will focus more on the character that the book it titled than on everyone else. I did like the book seeing what was going on and the challenges they were facing but as I said I wish there was more things on Adam. 

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