Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

Sometimes the second time around is way better than the first as was this case with Simon and Caroline. Let me tell you what I missed my boy, "I'm hardly just someone. I think I rate a little higher than that," he told the side of my neck which he was now feathering with the tiniest of kisses. "So, are you going to say hi to your boyfriend who flew all the way across the globe just to show you his hammer, or are you going to punch me again?" He's still a fool for his girl who'd give her anything, "anything. You can have anything you want. Don't you know that?" He groaned, scooping under my back and pulling me closer into him, tilting my hips so that each thrust hit me right smack dab on the Carrara. "I just need you." His eyes burned into mine, stormy full of want." Caroline is just as sassy if not more this time around, "did you do this on purpose? This whole handyman fantasy? The tool belt? The abs? The - holy eff." I gasped when he took my hand and pressed it against his...drill bit." I had so much fun with this book Simon and Caroline aren't like normal couples and that's what I loved about them. 

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