Monday, June 23, 2014

Hell's Kitty by Eve Langlais

Oh Felipe I think the kitty in you brings out your possessiveness when Jenny is around, "how dare they look upon her at all? snarled his cat. His small ember of ire grew as one of them braced an arm over her chest and covered her mouth with a hand. He's touching her. It wasn't just the man who didn't like that. His kitty took offense too." I mean a man never gets tired of how hot he looks but he especially likes it when Jenny compliments him, "she sighed as she gazed upon him. "You truly have a magnificent body. But I'm sure you already know that." He did, yet hearing it from her made him swell, not just his chest in pride but his c*** in eagerness." I love the threats Felipe makes, "I'm going to make you sing," he growled as he shifted his weight to the side so he could tear at the remaining shreds of her toga." I hope the next book in the series hurries up and gets written I want more! 

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