Monday, June 23, 2014

A Demon and His Psycho by Eve Langlais

Xaphan is seriously a moody twat, "with a growl, more with annoyance at himself than her sly innuendo, he set her down - against his c***'s wishes. "Be more careful. The next time there might not be someone there to catch you." Katie I just loved her even if the girl was completely off her rocker half the time, "funny, because either you're horny or that's some wicked cod piece you've got hiding in your pants." Xaphan he makes some dirty, yummy promises to Katie, "it's you that needs to worry about stamina," he growled. "It's been more than three hundred years since I've had a woman." Even though Katie is totally off her rocker I was on her side and I felt for this girl, "why? Because I wasn't good enough to bring home to screw? Not as pretty as your Roxanne?" She spat, hating the tears in her eyes. "I knew I should have killed you." Xaphan he doesn't have much patience, "if you're done trying to give me nightmares, let's go finish this. I'm horny, and ready to claim my prize." I love this series and I loved the books. I love the idea of Hell being an interesting place. 

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