Thursday, June 19, 2014

Go With Me by Elyssa Patrick

*Sighs* Oh Nick you are just too much of a smarta** for your own good, "why?" he asks. "Is there something of mine you would like to....bite?" I loved his overall attitude and the attitude he had when he was around Daphne, "hmmm." Nick glances around our room, his eyebrows drawing together when I hastily turn to shut my laptop and rub my freezing hands together. "I can see this might take awhile. I probably should get comfortable." He's also not one to mind voicing his opinions on what his girl should wear, "no," he says firmly. "Although I won't complain if you get yourself in some...tight clothing." He also is something else when naughty time rolls around, "he laughs. "I'll take my Godzilla size c*** as a compliment. It'll start to feel good. Promise." I liked reading this book and seeing the familiar faces from book one it's always great to see how other characters are getting along. I can't wait for more. 

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