Saturday, June 21, 2014

Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler

I was so happy to see Hunter have some self control when it came to Eliza, "it was damn hard not inviting himself into Eliza's room when they got back to the hotel, especially when he could smell her arousal." Even though Hunter and Eliza have serious conversations the boy can't keep his eyes of his woman, "the cops will want me to take a look at the scene anyway." He waited until she wiggled into her panties, then handed over her bra, his eyes slowly roaming her body and making her shiver. "Especially since the guy got attacked in his house." He always makes time for his woman no matter what he has to do, "unable to stop himself, Hunter slid his hand in her hair and covered her mouth with his for a long, hard kiss before he finally lifted his head with a groan. "Oh, the hell with it. Maybe we do have time for a quickie." I loved reading this book there was romance, mystery, danger, an actual story, and the naughty bits were really fun. 

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