Sunday, May 25, 2014

Destiny's Detour by Mari Brown

What a sweet story, and that Troy sure is a passionate one, "after we entered my room, he shut the door. I just made out the sound of the door locking when I found myself thrown up against it and Troy's lips came crashing into mine." Destiny and Troy had so much chemistry and passion before they started dating it's no wonder they didn't explode:
             We turn to walk away and I'm not surprised when Troy yells, "Destiny, baby! I'll see you at home tonight." I stop in my tracks, look back, and shoot him a dirty look. He smirks at me. Jerk. He would say or do something stupid. He always does.
             Leaning into him, I place my hand on his chest seductively. My hand slowly slides down to lightly brush his d*** as it pulsates, I say, "you know, baby, payback's a bit**." 
Sometimes destiny is just too cute, "we have our first pep rally to perform. I am excited all of a sudden and start wiggling around in the bed. I would have probably kept moving if I hadn't heard a groan escape from Troy and his husky words. "Baby, careful, you are awakening the beast." That boy always has to turn something sweet into something dirty, "then he looks at me. Our eyes meet over our son's head, and as we hold each other's gaze, Troy grins. "He knows what to do with those boobs already." Way to eff up a good moment." I think I would enjoy David and Amy's story. 

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