Monday, May 26, 2014

BLOG TOUR REVIEWS: Old Town Country Romance by Savannah Young

Cooper he's very bossy but gets his point across, "look at me," he insists. I swallow then slowly glance up at him. "I'm not interested in Harley. Is that clear?" Jake I really can't wait for his story because to me the boy is a dog, "Harley's a wild girl, Coop. She does what she wants. And if she wants to do me every once in a awhile, I'm not going to stop her." Riley is a sassy girl: 
            I place a hand on my hip and glance up at him. "I'd like to know something." 
            He raises an eyebrow. "Really? What's that?"
           "I'd like to know what I'm completely naked and you're still fully clothed."
I loved Cooper and the fact that he wanted to take care of Riley, "when Riley's stomach rumbles we both laugh. "We really need to get you something to eat," I say, as I grab her hand and pull her down the stairs." He has no qualms in voicing his opinions or acting on them, "I'm not going to be able to keep my hands off of you in that outfit. You look incredibly sexy." To my surprise, Cooper grabs my a** and pulls me into him. He's not lying about liking the outfit. He's already hard." There were two characters that really stood out in this story and that was Harley and Jake, lord knows why Savannah is waiting for Jake's story to be last in the series, the girl probably wants to kill me with anticipation, but those two I'm really looking forward to reading about."  

This one didn't tickle my fancy like book one did. There was just no Omph between Tucker and Gracie, I mean yeah Tucker was like all protective and wanted to make sure she was cared for, "you have to eat more than one piece of toast. Let me just give you a little of everything and if you don't like it, you don't have to eat it. How about that?" Gracie she was just too damn sweet, but she did know what she wanted, "Gracie shakes her head. "I don't want you to go. I want to fall asleep with you inside me." I hope the next two books have more Omph, and well tickles my fancy. 

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