Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Hot Time in Texas by Ann Defee

Rafe is just so damn sweet, "I think you'd look good in anything." Rafe opened an armoire featuring an array of clothing, from swimsuits for kids to trunks for guys. "I'll meet you at the pool in about ten minutes." His gestures are just really gentlemanly, "Rafe slipped his arms around her and took both the potato and the peeler from her hands. At least she wasn't using a knife. He'd acted like a jerk, but panic had a way of erasing all signs of civility. "I was worried about you," he whispered, then kissed her neck. She turned and placed her arms around his neck." Etta she knows what she wants, "I'll tell you what I didn't tell him. Hell, no, you're not going to sleep on my couch or out in your car, my bed is perfectly comfortable. So get ready, big boy." I love reading books that take place in Texas I'm not sure why, I think it has to do with all those country men and their hotness.

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