Saturday, April 26, 2014

Striking by Lila Felix & Rachel Higginson

I knew I'd love Cami just from her sassiness, "somehow I just don't believe you," I smiled sweetly but pinned him with a 'tell the truth you bast***' glare. We were in church after all. Stockton cleared his throat nervously but didn't bother to deny my accusation." Don't worry ladies Stockton has sass in him as well, "you got quite a mouth on you, Duchess," he said slowly, but with no less heat. "Is that why you're down here? Trying to get all that sass outta you?" He's just so damn sexy, "oh, yeah?" he asked in his sexy, low-octave timber. "If you want me to eat lunch with you, Duchess, all you gotta do is ask." Nothing like a sister to mess up your game I hope Willa gets a book, "and then my sister plowed through the screen door, instantly deflating my want and co**blocking me at the same time. "Damn it, Will." I groaned through a clenched jaw at my sister." I loved the caveman side of Stockton, "the note's from Cami, you ogre. She made the plate herself. She also brought it in but you were in the shower." She made it for me? It was probably the homo-cavamanus in my coming out to play, but Cami filling up a plate of food for me to eat made me want to grunt. And beat my chest. And knock her over the head with an avil and drag her to my shop." Stockton likes to utilize his time with Cami, "if I let you out of here," he countered. He pushed me back, using the firm hold he had on each of my hips and my a** bumped up against his work bench. "I like you in my space Cami." I loved this book!

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