Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Shattered by Tracy Wolff

I loved Tansy, "I slam my hands against his chest, push him firmly away. "Yes, talk. Talk. Not screw." Good grief Ash has some anger issues, "who are you?" He demands, as I reach into the freezer and grab a bag of frozen vegetables. "Miss Polly Sunshine? I nearly hit you and you're getting ice for my hand?" He's so damn honest, "it's true," I tell her after licking my tongue against the sensitive spot, taking away the sting. "If you'd been sober, I would have been more than happy to have you all over my di**, with whatever portion of your anatomy you wanted to put there." With Tansy you see a caring side of him that I loved, "what is it, baby? What do you need?" He holds me tight, his strong arms around my shoulders and waist the most comforting thing I've ever felt." I loved this book.

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