Sunday, April 27, 2014

In Finn's Heart by Roxie Rivera

Finn really does have a gentle, caring heart, "his hand moved from my chest to the back of my neck. He cupped my nape so gently and ran his thumb in slow, warm circles on my skin. "Oh, sugar, what the hell did they do to you?" He likes to show affection and in a bada** MMA fighter that is seriously hot, "that's better." He claimed her mouth again and relished the way she happily submitted to the erotic onslaught of his kisses. "You look so beautiful." I mean the boy doesn't care who sees them smooching, "for my good too," he added. "Those brothers of yours have been giving me dirty looks all night. They're going to kill me when they see this." He swept in and kissed me." He can be a dirty boy to, Finn is literally all that and a bag of chips, "he laughed and nibbled at my lower lip. "You can't tell me that you aren't getting wet just thinking about me spanking this fine a** of yours." I enjoyed Hadley and Finn's story. 

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