Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fighting to Ride by Debra Kayn

Hands down my FAVE of Debra's MC books, I loved Kurt that damn boy is not bashful, "get dressed, get out, and take your men with you." Thank God, her voice sounded stronger this time. Totally ignoring her, Kurt's jeans came off along with his socks. Shocked into silence, Risa ogled. His flaccid pen*s thickened, elongated, and rose until his co** pointed right at her. She inhaled air as if she was dying of suffocation, taking in his size, shape, and oh-my-God the whole package." Kurt knows how to put his woman in place, "enough with the bit** attitude." He lowered his hand, taking his sweet time. "If you don't want to talk yet, then you're going to play by my rules. Tonight, make sure you don't eff another man." Risa had her turn to ogle now it's Kurt's turn, "his mouth softened. "That I can do, but I'm a selfish a**hole and want you walking in front of me so I can watch your sweet a** the whole way." He doesn't care what others think of him, "he kissed her upturned lips. "I don't give a sh** what everybody thinks when I take my woman out." I really can't wait for Ink and Lilly's story.

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