Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dare to Desire by Carly Phillips

Alex, well let's just say he can be a harda**, "there is no we, sweetheart. It was fun. Now it's over." I mean then after acting like that the boy goes ahead and thinks Madison is going to fall off her feet into him, it's like I don't think so, "he shot her a knowing grin. "I don't mind being so close to you." His brown eyes sparkled with mischief. "You smell good." He deliberately inhaled, his nose close to the sensitive spot behind her ear." I mean like seriously the boy pulls out all the stops, "a dimple formed in his cheek. "I admit I want to spend time with you. Anything else I say can only get me in trouble." He grinned, surely intending to disarm her. "Let's go for dinner tonight." I mean he's also a jealous sort ladies, "who's the guy? Is it serious?" he asked, suddenly back in her personal space." I mean the boy just loves to tease her, "and it's so good, isn't it? So effing hot?" He ground his di** into her sex. "Like you're never had it before?" I mean Madison can get easily distracted with Alex around, "the sheet dropped around his waist, and his gorgeous chest greeted her, making her wish they had more time. "Quit ogling and go shower," he said in a gruff voice." I love this series, and I love Carly's work! 

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