Monday, April 21, 2014

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Love Unclaimed by Jennifer Benson

Gavin loves tattoos and on Audree the boy gets all worked up, "it's sexy as hell." He leans down, kissed the tattoo, and felt her lay back down. He kissed her across her stomach and stopped at her belly button making her giggle." He can be considerate, well depending on what he and Audree are doing, "I'm sorry, baby. Why didn't you say something?" He pulled out of her instantly regretted the loss of her body wrapped around him." Audree I' m glad as the book goes on she finds her voice to well voice her opinions, "no, Gavin, we have sex! All we have is sex. You make that very clear every time I wake up alone and in my own bed. We are friends who have sex when you are in town, at your convenience." After things are put into perspective I'm glad Gavin had the balls to think things over, "he quickly lifted his head and took a step forward forcing her back against the barn. "I mean, yes, I miss the sex, but I miss you. I miss us." He yanked the hat off his head squeezed it in his hands." I loved this story and I loved reading the book I can't wait for future books from Jennifer.

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