Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winning the Player by Leesa Bow

I loved this book and I loved Hunter, "let me know if you need my help," Hunter said to Maddy. He turned to me and lowered his gaze in a wanton manner, and when he looked up those blue eyes sliced through me." Aubree sure has some naughty memories of Hunter, "especially a bare-chested Hunter, with jeans unzipped and revealing how much he wanted me." I mean these two have loads of chemistry, "the firm length of him pulsed beneath my thigh. Blood rushed to my face. Hunter's lips curled into a devilish grin. "Come here," he murmured. I hesitated. "I only want to kiss you." Hunter he's not the type to beat around the bush, "do you want to eff my brains out?" His lips twitched, hinting at a smile." I hope Maddy and BJ get a story. 

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