Monday, March 24, 2014

Once upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare

I really do love this damn series! Maylee I loved her so, so much, "I think I would be Hufflepuff," she said, her voice quite serious. "They seem to be the happiest ones. Quite homey, Hufflepuff." I mean the girl is just funny, "I'm good with handling delicate things." Great, now his mind was thinking of those small hands playing with his hair and touching all kinds of delicate things. Inappropriate. Inappropriate." I mean his thoughts are seriously funny, "he came with a grunt, his hand rough as he stroked himself to orgasm. Effing pathetic that he had to jerk himself off in a hotel bedroom at the thought of his assistant." I mean Griffin the boy just doesn't do well with manners, "you look very appropriate today, Maylee. Well done." Instead of giving him one of her brilliant smiles, she gave him a frown." I mean he can be very passionate, "eff the emeralds." His hands moved to her shoulders, and he gently steered her further into the room. "Come to bed." He can also be considerate, "I wasn't sure how far you wanted to...proceed. Me jerking off on your belly and rubbing my cum into your skin is probably not what you had in mind for a make-out session." I really do love this series, the books are always entertaining. 

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