Monday, March 24, 2014

Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Nate and Ali have a past and well I think Ali just has a love/hate relationship with the boy, "the one person she didn't want to share a glass of wine with, especially a big glass of wine. Sufficiently lubricated, she didn't trust herself not to attack him, tie him to the bed, and sit on his face." I mean Nate sometimes just gives vague answers, "your touch. I like it too much." Hell now it'd be her going out of her way to avoid physical contact. Which was just as well. He was only a man after all, with her within arm's reach - not to mention actually touching him - his hold on his usually stalwart restraint was tenuous at best." I mean Ali needs more than that and boy does he give it to her, "yes, damn you! Yes, that's why I always keep you at arm's length. Because anytime I get near you, all I wanna do is peel away your clothes, lay y'down on the nearest horizontal surface, and plunge balls-deep inside you until your squirmin' beneath me like a worm on a hook and beggin' to never stop. There! Y'happy now?" I mean she also knows how to make the boy stop talking, "she squeezed her inner muscles, his eyes crossed. Literally. "That works," he managed to pant. Oh, man, did it work. "But Ali, would you...." I liked reading this book wasn't in love with it but I liked it well enough. 

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