Monday, March 31, 2014

Love You Anyways by MJ Fields

Anyone who knows me knows Lucas and I have had an up and down relationship...alright mostly down but shockingly the boy surprised me and has somehow wormed his way into my good graces (*gasps*). I know guys who would have thought! I mean Ashley is just a cold hearted bit**, "then I heard my wife say. "Your husband is lucky to be dead so he doesn't have to watch you and my husband play grab a** for another...." I mean Lucas he's still a sexually active boy that is never gonna change but he's mainly doing the nasty with Tessa (*gasps again*) and this had made me extremely happy, "I pulled her pants down without a fight. "For someone saying no do you care to explain the lack of underpants?" I spread her legs wide and dropped to my knees." And there's this teasing side I loved about him as well, "how long are you gonna make me be your little boy toy baby?" I'm glad that two people that I loved/hated found happiness. 

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