Saturday, March 29, 2014

By His Desire by Kate Grey

Keith that boy is all bada**, "a wicked gleam came into his eyes. "I want you in my bed and at my mercy. And I want to ruin you for your vibrator." You know Sarah she secretly has some lady balls and I was proud of her in some parts, "I don't know if we need to or not. I just know that I want to. If you don't, of course that's okay. But if that's the case then I'll be heading home today." I mean Keith can sometimes be an a**, "fine. You'll get your instructions at dinner." He ended the call, and then immediately regretted his abruptness. There was nothing stopping Sarah from changing her mind." I mean there were some parts that were funny that really shouldn't have been funny, but still were, "then her face cleared, and she gripped his pants and boxers in both hands and drew them down over his hips. His erection sprang free and almost hit her in the face." I really enjoyed Sarah and Keith's adventure. 

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