Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Texas Hold 'em by Christie Craig

Austin is quite the charmer ladies, "well, I was thinking about taking a pi** when someone started pounding on my door." Poor Leah she's just so adorable at times, "odd?" She glanced down and didn't see anything odd about her boobs. They were perfectly good, wine-doused, small size-C boobs. Well, one was a little bigger than the other, but that was normal." He takes a real man to go to the feminine aisle, "it took a good three minutes to find the slim medium absorbent. Snatching up the twenty-four pack - just like she'd purchased - he studied the tampons one more time to make sure he had the right kind." I really did love the relationship Austin and Leah had:
                He kissed her. "We're going to have to make a run to get some more condoms. I only have three more."
               She made a cute face. "I think that's enough."
               He rolled on top of her. "Then clearly you didn't enjoy that as much as I did." 
I like a man who'd commit murder for his gal:
                  She leaned in. "They saw me naked."
                  Unable to resist, he pulled one hand out and passed a finger over her cheek. "You want me to kill 'em?" 

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