Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nothing Sweeter by Laura Drake

Being in Bree's mind is...s*** it's entertaining is what it is, "do you want to go for a ride?" His long legs in snug denim hugged all the right places as he stood leaning against Charlie's stall, a cocky smile on his face. Boy, do I. I'd love to throw a leg over you." Max you can tell that he'd really do anything for his girl, "hey, lady, you say it, I believe it." His stomach growled. Ignoring it, he added. "I've been thinking on your idea. Wyatt and I talked, and we're ready to sit down and meet when you are." Her face lit up like a little girl on Christmas. And it made him feel like Santa. Well, a younger, randy, Santa." And you just do NOT interrupt Max while him and his girl are getting sweet, "Max? Wyatt's voice echoed from the end of the aisle. "Where's the-oh. Sorry." Max growled. Bree patted him on the butt, relishing feeling sexy and desired. She whispered, "Later, cowboy," in his ear and slipped out of his arms." I really enjoyed reading this book. 

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