Monday, December 30, 2013

Temptation Bay by Anna Sullivan

Dex sure is a snarky one, "I don't want the spiel," he corrected her. "I'm not against conversation in general though, and since I'm the customer, and it's your policy to make the customer happy..." He's also not very gentlemanly either, "knock it off or you're going to take us both down, and if we go down, I'm not doing the manly thing and falling on the bottom to spare you." Maggie when that girl wants something she's a go-getter, "she shoved her chair back, fisted her hand in his t-shirt, and when they both came to their feet, dragged him against her. "You heard me," she said, crushing her mouth to his." Dex the more we get into the story the more playful he seems to be, "would you prefer lady friend? Private flight attendant? Friend with benefits?" These two are just perfect for each other and I loved reading their story. 

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