Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sex Piston by Jamie Begley

Stud's compliments may be vulgar and could be said in a maybe I don't know nicer way, but they're still compliments, "your ti*s are the best I've ever seen, and your a** is even better. Ace was a stupid bas**** to mess around on you." And don't even think about putting your hands on his woman he will go ape s***, "which mothereffing a**hole touched you? Because they're going to regret touching something that's mine." Sex Piston she doesn't sugar coating anything, and Stud well he when he wants something bad enough he'll agree to anything:
                  "Your di** gets too much action. I don't eff someone doing other bit**es and don't ever think that you can tell me what I want. Until you start wearing my panties, I think I'm the best judge of who I want to eff."
                 Stud shrugged. "Fine. I won't eff any other women. I'll let you have until we're done eating to make up your mind that you want to eff me." 
The girl doesn't put up with his bulls*** either, "you want a piece of a**, it better be mine because if I ever see another bit** up against you like that again, I'll effing neuter you and you'll be the bit** in this relationship." 

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