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Dallas’s Thoughts on When He Got the Idea to Create the Statue for Carmen

I spent the last couple of hours with Carmyn at the shop. I told her I needed her help with something so she’d show up. I didn’t really, but my plan is to keep her occupied with me, so it is what it is. She obliged and while I was working away on some final touches of Aphrodite, she moved through a small patch on the floor to a song only in her head. Her arms spread out as she spun, and her hair fanned wide around her. That was when a brilliant idea struck.

I put down my welding gloves and grabbed my sketch book and a pencil. I worked franticly to get her form down as perfectly as I saw it in that small move she did. The line of her neck, the way her fingers splayed gracefully against the air, the arch in her back, even the slight waves in her dark locks.

I know now what my next project after Aphrodite will be: Carmyn’s grace molded into metal for all time. I won’t be getting paid for this project. Not unless I decide to sell it later, but the excitement I have over just the thought of this creation is more than enough to keep me at the shop for For days at a time. This could very well be my favorite piece. Ever.

As soon as Carmyn left—and of course after I made her promise she’d be back tomorrow night—I Googled French and Portuguese words to help me figure out what to name this new project of ours. French and Portuguese because it’s Carmyn’s heritage.

I think I’ve finally come up with something perfect enough to capture a fraction of Carmyn’s beauty. Belle Mulher. Belle for beautiful in French, and Mulher for woman in Portuguese. The way the vowels roll along my tongue reminds of my first kiss with Carmyn. It’s exotic but delicate and strong at the same time. And it’ll give me a reason to spend hours with her.

Perfect from every angle I look at it.

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