Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Switched by Cassie Mae

I loved this book at first I wasn't sure which boy to root for Talon he has good qualities he can be manly, "Kayla's going too. Sorry, but not all of us have half the energy you do at two in the morning." Talon he's gentlemanly, "thanks for eating that s***." He points to the bag of cookies. "Raegan would've spit it that all over the floor, and I know you made my mom's day. As pansy-a** as it sounds it means a lot." He doesn't like certain aspects of his life on display for everyone, "not in front of our friends! Damn it, do you even get how embarrassing that is? I don't want them to know about our sex life." Then there's Wesley who after a few chapters swept my heart and I was all Team Wesley, "that's my woman!" he says, yanking off his bright green polo, leaving him standing in a white tank and khakis. "I knew she'd have dinner ready for me when I got here. People kept telling me she was a real lazy a**, but she proved 'em all wrong." Kayla and Wesley I thought had more chemistry than Raegan and Talon. "I wouldn't slept better if someone hadn't been trying to grab my boob all night. I know I'm hard to resist, but we don't want another wet morning do we?" 

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