Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crave by Monica Murphy

Archer I love you, "no wonder I avoid her. Within a few minutes of being near her, I'm sporting wood and plotting how I can get her out of here so I can strip her naked and have my way with her. All night long." Ivy's shock to Archer's endowments had me amused, "isn't that all you want from anyone?" He gaze locks on my chest and she exhales loudly. "I knew you were bigger than the last time I saw you, Archer, but oh my God." And Archer can be considerate when he wants something really badly, "so your growling stomach lied? I ordered all of your favorite foods." He likes to tease her as well, "of course. You know this." Pausing I contemplate her. "Buy you don't have to pay me for the orgasms, you know. I'll handle that task for free. Gladly." I can't wait to see what bad boy is up next in the series. 

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