Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

Romeo oh Romeo where art thou Romeo (did I say it right?) Romeo I loved him right off and his alpha maleness, "I don't give a s*** what she said. Go and get a effin' drink, or pass out, or somethin'. You get me?" He's bossy but I found it hot, "sit your a** back down, Shakespeare, and have another beer with your most famously tragic character. You're not leavin' me yet." He's honest, "and get this are no one's plaything, Shakespeare. I may eff around, but I wouldn't eff around on you." He gets turned on in the most weird ways, "not threatenini', Shakespeare, commendin'. I'm findin' you and that mouth of yours a real turn-on. But I'm more interested in teachin' you how to keep it shut." He's well he's good lookin' "Rome walked towards me, dressed in only his black boxer briefs - boxer briefs that highlighted his thick muscular thighs and the fact that he was fairly excited about our newfound closeness." He cares about Molly, and would do anything for her, "I'm gettin' you new glasses and your gonna let me - you don't have a effin' choice. It's not about embarrassment; it's about protectin' what's mine." I'm hoping Ally gets a story. 

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