Saturday, October 26, 2013

Camouflaged by Selena Laurence

Gabe he's just so cocky, "oh, sweetheart, you don't know me too well. Ask around. You'll find there's a whole lot of things I can do that would interest you. Things that would help you relax." I liked being in his mind, "oh yeah, I thought as I strode out of the tent. We had a lot of unfinished business, and I was just the entrepreneur to handle the transaction." Alexis she's feisty, "do you ever stop?" she asked, her voice rising. "Do you ever stop and think about the other person in the equation? You could be doing all sorts of damage and not have any idea, because you're so focused on 'winning' that you don't care about the collateral damage." Gabe is also a snarky S.O.B, "I looked down at her for a split second. "Thanks for your concern, but I promise not to get killed so I can give you a ride home." I really hope Selena decides to do a full length novel with Gabe and Alexis like when he comes home from war, I mean I know this was a novella but I wanted more. 

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