Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gentlemen prefer Mischief by Emily Greenwood

Hal is one sneaky little devil, "oh," he said, "this may interest you. I managed to find your journal. I'd forgotten about it being in code, which was why I must have put it down to begin with. But now that I've found it again, I have a new patience for code-cracking." It's like there's a bet going on between him and Lily on who's ego if bigger and the game has no rules, "actually, that wasn't the kind of teasing I initially had in mind. But come," he said, doing up his buttons, "you're not angry, are you, over a little playfulness?" But Lily gets him every time especially when the boy takes a sneaky-peaky in the journal she had when she was sixteen, "muttering a curse, he closed the book, finding himself uncomfortably astride for the second time that day with an erection. Lily was giving him the worst case of frustrated desire he'd ever endured." Maybe you should stop reading her journal then... you know just a thought there Hal ole' boy. Lily brings something out in Hal he hasn't experienced in quite a long time and it was amusing, "an unplanned event the likes of which has not happened to me since I was a youth," he murmured. "Though not surprising given the unremitting provocation." His clever, arrogant fingers slipped among the slick folds between her legs. "Your turn." I mean he has his sweet moments, "darling," he whispered in her ear, everything in her standing at attention to his voice and the sweep of his breath against her suddenly sensitive ear, "everything's allowed in my book." I forget why I enjoyed historical romance novels when I was growing up and Emily brought that reason back. 

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