Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time to Let Go by Amanda Bennett

This was Amanda's first book that she has ever written and you can tell how much her books have matured since she has written this one. This book was a little more darker than her others but I loved it all the same. Todd I loved him, he cares for Chloe greatly, "Chloe? Chloe, are you out here? I swear I only want to help you love, I would never hurt you." He's protective of her, "you NEED to leave now. I don't care what the reasons are behind this new revelation, but I want you out of my house and away from Chloe, NOW!" Yep real protective I have to say I like that in a man! Chloe after what happened to her she has trust issues and I totally understand that, "I'm pretty sure it is what it seems. You promised me that you and he no longer spoke to each other, but low and behold here you two stand before me." I liked the book but I wasn't in love with it as it was a little bit darker than what I have read from her other books. 

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