Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet Surrender by Angel Steel

This book screws with your emotions so bad, I'm not sure which way is up, that's how bad I'm disoriented (and yes it's in a good way) The book takes over where book one left off and it still breaks my heart re-reading a scene, "it doesn't matter anymore, Dom I'm sick and tired of wasting my time on you, trying to get your attention, or anything out of you. Don't worry, I won't bother you again. Goodbye Dominic." I mean Dom doesn't have a right to be jealous he put his own a** in this situations, "who the hell are you going on a date with, Chantal?" He growled in her ear." Chantal that girl knows how to put a knife through your heart, "I only came here for one thing, Dom. That was it. I'm doing what you did to me." Damn straight girl you give him hell after everything he put you through and is putting you through. Then there were the times were you could see how passionate Dom really is for Chantal but I sometimes couldn't help but think is it only for sexual reasons? "If I had known you were wearing this dress, you wouldn't have left the house. You would be tied to my bed, naked." There were other times Chantal hits the nail right on the head of course she's kind of hammered when she does it, but she still does it, "you never asked me out? You have never taken me anywhere. You only want sex from me, Dominic." Dom is possessive, "I know you are, baby. This will never happen again, ok. I can't handle seeing you with anyone but me. You are mine, mine to do whatever I please. Do you understand, baby?" Well if that's true maybe you should get your head out of your a** and get s*** straightened out, wouldn't that be lovely, I think it would. As we got to the end of the book I was truly nervous that Chantal and Dom's story would have a damn cliffhanger but I was pleased that there wasn't but there was a cliffhanger about someone/something else. 

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