Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One by Mari Arden

Can't help but fall in love with Pax, "because if you are," he continues, "it's only fair that I get to stare, too." He's cocky, "no one needs a man," Pax replies, stepping closer. "But having a man near or in front of you might not be such a bad thing." He pauses. "Especially if they're behind you. Magical things can happen when a man is behind a woman. Want me to show you?" He's mysterious, "when I'm working, I'm Reid. When I'm on the field, I'm Pax. But you, Jules, can call me whatever you like." He's honest, "I didn't think I would find someone that I'd want to get to know so soon, but you rolled down that hill and something inside me started moving again. A lot of me started moving again, actually." And Jules has a temper bless her heart, "is she your mistress?" I accuse, stepping forward. "Your sl**? Your plaything? Do you two laugh about me at night? How I fell so easily for your charm?" I liked this book and I wouldn't mind seeing a few other characters in the book get a story.

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