Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If You Leave by Courtney Cole

I loved Gabe right off especially when we first got in his mind, "I shift my weight and adjust the boys and my semi-hard di**." His presence isn't one you can miss when he walks into the room it's like your eyes are drawn to him, it's the attitude he carries, "when we get to my house, I'm going to eff you with that," I tell her in her ear. "And you're going to like it." And I was so glad to see Pax again I loved him in the first book, "that's not exactly what I meant. You're...shall we say...a little fierce. You need a guy with balls. You don't need a guy whose balls are in your purse. Just sayin'." And Gabe he's so honest (on certain things like his desire for Maddy,) "but it doesn't matter right now. I want to be inside you, Madison. I'm finally going to eff you and you're going to like it." And he gets defensive when you call a certain member on his body 'little', "hey, never, in any situation, should you call him 'little man.' The word little should never be used in conjunction with my penis." I can't wait for the next installment in this series. 

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