Friday, August 30, 2013

Lucky Break by April Angel

Jared and Lucky have an intense attraction right off and you can totally tell there is something between them, especially how Jared reacts to things concerning her, "he refrained from the urge to yell at the idiot who had ruined what had been working so well and marched around the table, leaving the man mid-speech." Lucky is a demanding type of person that likes to have her needs met, "if you don't shove that c*ck into this pretty pink pu**y soon, I will have to hurt you." Jared is always giving Lucky praises, "you look effing amazing with my c*ck in your hand. Keep touching me, baby." He's so possessive as well, "making his way through the crowd, his gaze locked on his woman and he marched right to her." He's just so manly and I loved him, "ah, yes, sweetheart. I want you, baby. Do you want me too?" He always tries to behave, "baby, you're making it damn hard to be a gentleman." I wish the book was longer because I really did fall in love with Jared, "baby, Mr. Sexy is all yours, and I'll be your Mr. Martha Stewart any day you want." 

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