Friday, August 30, 2013

Deadly Crush by Ashley Stoyanoff

One word: Aidan, yep that's what I loved about this book him! "when a wolf picked a mate that was it. It was for life, and the thought of her being someone else's made my stomach clench." He's just all 'alpha' literally and figuratively people, "I was," I snapped. "Spread the word through the pack; Jade is off limits." Erika ugh she's just a bi*** (of course first impressions can be wrong...) "it's really not up for debate, Jade. I know you've been sneaking around, trying to get Dom's attention. And I saw you checking Aidan. They're mine. Both of them." Someone didn't teach her how to share when she was a child. Aidan, oh my god there are seriously no words, "he glanced over his shoulder, and winked. "Your lust. Your scent is screaming sex." He's possessive of Jade and is getting sick of Dom's attitude which I would be to because let's face it Dom and Jade seriously ain't ever gonna happen and it if does I'll piss myself, "bad news, too, though." I said, ignoring his plea. "It's time for you to come clean. Because honestly, if I catch another whiff of jealousy on you, I'll rip you apart." I mean he really is a demanding wolf, "Jade, you are going to be mine," I growled without thought. I slammed my palm against the door so hard it shook. "Fighting me will only delay it, but it won't stop the inevitable. I know you feel it." He really is a cocky sort as well, "mmmm, I love a challenge," he said. His voice turned deep and husky. "You're making this so much more fun, sweetheart. You and I both know you'll submit to me. You'll be mine." Then he has his sweet moments, "actually, yeah, you are. You're my possession. Mine. To protect and love and have. Mine." I didn't like the ending because well there was sort of a cliffhanger and we all know how much I hate those. 

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