Saturday, August 31, 2013

Falling For my Husband by Pamela Ann

Sweet jesus this cover is doing things to my ovaries! Callum he's there's no words to describe that hunk, "Callum groaned, so I looked up and found him with an intense frown as he toyed with his pen, shifting from finger to finger." Stella that girl is...I just loved her, "you're not serious? What's the delay? I could pretty well do it myself! Just pull your boxers down and I'll do the bloody deed." There are some things that just turn him on, "I almost lost my bearings when I found she didn't have any knickers on." He's also not very good at sharing things, "you effing bet your life it's just you and me! If that's what you're used to now, you better make a quick reform because I don't share, not now, not ever!" I liked this book and I would love to see Lucinda's story next.

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