Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

Why is it I always think Jessica writes stand alone novels, I'm not sure, but I thought this one was a stand alone a surprise waited for me at the end WITH A CLIFFHANGER! This woman is seriously trying to kill me, I just hope this series only has TWO books and not like a million. This book was a lot different than Jessica's other books as the major drug usage in it, personally I don't like drugs so it was a tad bit difficult for me to read about the characters I love using them, well two of the characters the others I didn't give two hoots about. Quinton I did love him I really did but he has major issues and so doesn't Nova but his I honestly didn't care for, for some particular reasons that I can't get into details about because it would spoil the book. From day one I could tell he was a good guy (in some parts of the book,) "sorry, but he's my cousin and this is his house. If he says quit being a b**** to Nova" - he glances at me with a quirk at his lips and a furrow at his brows - "then quit being a b****." Nova her thoughts are interesting, and sometimes sad but mainly interesting, "that's because I was in the bathroom, barfing my guts out because I think you're hot, but I feel guilty about it. And then I decided to make a video about my twisted thoughts about you." Nova she's honest, and pure (not in the 'I'm a saint type') but her heart is pure and she sees the good in everywhere which makes her honesty blunt, "you don't need to apologize. I know I'm not as much fun as Nikki is to hang out with. And I'm really sorry I cried when you kissed me..." I swallow hard. "That wasn't really about you." I'm ready for the next part in this series.

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