Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anywhere With You by Kaylee Ryan

I liked the story, it was cute, but I kinda wished there was a little bit more drama in it. I loved being in Liam's head, "watching another man, even one of my closest friends, touch her or kiss her throws me off kilter." And Allison that girl you can't help but love, "can you honestly blame me: two beefy, sexy as hell football players with bulging muscles helping us move, hello I'm only human." Aidan he's protective of Allison they're like brother and sister, "she is my sister in every sense of the word. Don't hurt her, Liam, or I swear to god." He takes a deep breath. "She is not just a quick eff that you don't ever speak to again. So help me, if you hurt her in any way, I will beat the s*** out of you. She's my baby sister. EFF!" Liam he would seriously do anything for her, "you think I don't effing know that. Do you not think that I would give her the world if I could." Being in his mind was more interesting then Ally's as his was more grittier, "a simple touch from this girl and I have the ability to hammer nails with my c***." He's also honest, "yes, beautiful girl I just got off in my pants because my sexy as eff girlfriend was driving me crazy." He's also not one to be messed with, "watch your effing mouth when you talk about me and my girl, effstick." 

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