Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Time Around by Ellie Grace

To say Nora has some hard feelings about the past her and Jake had well... that would be saying something, "of course not, you can do whatever you always did anyway, right?" This story is told from both Jake and Nora's point of view and I actually like Jake's more, "I had to take a minute to collect myself before answering because, so help me God, she was wearing the hottest little whit bikini I'd ever seen and every perfect curve was on display." So much more entertaining, although Nora had her moments to, "ugh!" I wailed, not bothering to hide my frustration. "I don't want to be special... I want you inside me!" Susie, Nora's BFF that girl has no filter, "couldn't help by notice the drool pouring from your mouth while you ogled your man's goodies," she teased. "It's just like in high school when we used to get all hot watching their football games." I loved this book! 

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