Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Protectors Duncan by Teresa Gabelman

Duncan he comes off as an a** but I overlook that because he's just going out of his mind looking for someone he loves, "first off, get your big-a** feet off my desk before I break your legs." He knocked them off anyway before Sid could comply. "Second of all, I'm fine. So go and tell your women thanks, but...butt out." He's a possessive sort as well, "the hell you will," Duncan growled down the back of her neck. "You are mine, and I will not let you go this time." The whole gang is in the book but it's Sid that always captures my heart with his smarta** comments, "you too!" Sid walked in just as Duncan pulled Pam off him. "Did you not read Sid's Kitchen Law? I swear there is more screwing around in this kitchen than there is eating. Maybe I need to start charging by the hour. I can make serious cash flow off you guys." Personally I think the boy is jealous that he doesn't have a woman. Duncan is a considerate sort, "the first time I take you is going to be in our bed." He looked down at her, his eyes black with desire. "Then, we will make our way into my office where I have dreamed of making love to you on my desk." I really can't wait for Sid's book! 

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