Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Complicated by Julia Kent

I have found a new author that I can't wait to read her stuff and Julia happens to be that author. Josie I like her she's an honest one, "um, no. I kill house plants and the only reason my cat is still alive is because he's smarter than I am." The situation that she meets Alex in is well quite funny how it happens, and she's one that loves to tease her friends, "daddy Mike? That's what you're calling each other? Daddy Mike and Daddy Dylan?" She's also honest with what she wants from Alex at certain times, "now that you know their names," she whispered against his mouth, "are we done with all the 'not sex' parts, and can we move to the 'sex parts'?"  I loved seeing Darla and her men in this book as well, I'd actually really would like a second book with them. 

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