Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It Was Me by Anna Cruise

I was so glad when I heard Abby and West were getting a second story, and that it was going to be in West's point of view. There are certain males that I love getting inside their head and West was one of the males that I loved being in his head and seeing his point of view on things. Although there were times in the book I wished we would get Abby's point of view especially in a certain situation. But I really enjoyed West's mind, "I wasn't saying they're bad. I know they aren't. But I wasn't looking to celebrate with a week of celibacy." I mean he just has a way with words, "first chance we get, Abs. I'm laying you 
down on that bed and I won't tease you." How naughty. And of course Abby always gives us nice visuals of our hunky West, "no, I'm serious. Your chest and stomach, all slick with sweat. Your hair pushed back. Your skin all warm." She took a deep, ragged breath. "You don't even know." And of course there were the really naughty thoughts when the parents weren't listening, "yes," I whispered, my eyes lock with Abby's. "I need to eff your daughter." There were twists and turns and I think it would be interesting to get a third installment of these two but this time with BOTH point of views.

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