Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happenstance by MJ Abraham

Right off the bat you can tell Victoria is a good, kind, caring person, "let's get you fixed up, little guy." I can feel his heartbeat under my palm. I have the urge to kiss him on the top of his head, but I resist. I know he's probably skeptical of me, and I can't blame him." And well we find out that Jared that sexy beast he is is ALL man, "it's not that I wouldn't want to stare at her t*ts, but that would be frowned upon by my clients and I don't need that s***. I did get to check out her a** though when she walked away. Damn, that was something else." He's a man that you don't mess around with, "I said, 'you're not paying." He also doesn't share certain things, "only when it comes to my peanut M&M's." His fingers twirl a piece of my hair. "And women, I definitely don't share those." He worries about his woman, and I must say I like that in a man, "I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd jump out of your skin! Are you always this nervous?" He narrows his eyes. "Is this place not safe enough?" I liked this book and I want more from this author!

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