Friday, June 28, 2013

Breathless by Eve Carter

Jesse's brother is kind of an a**, "you're effing drunk, Jesse. You effed up again and I'm sick and tired of saving your sorry a**. You need to get your s*** in one bag, dude. Seriously, I can't always be there for you. You're lucky that Manny called me earlier and told me you were in trouble. Otherwise, I would have picked you up in pieces from that ditch over there tomorrow. You're a effing embarrassment to me and my job." Harsh much? Jesse has a sarcastic bone in him, "no. Are you whack? My idea of weight lifting is lifting beer bottles to my lips." He's also a total flirt ladies, "your hands? They don't offend me. What if I want your hands on me?" He's also relentless, "Niki. Before we go back let me just tell you, I'm not stopping until you're mine. You didn't resist the kiss just now. You didn't tell me to leave you alone, so be prepared to be stalked." It's always good to have a warning. His thoughts are just so entertaining as well, "I could take it slow, if she wanted. It would be hard, I mean difficult. Hard was what happened in my damn pants every time I kissed her." So there was a cliffhanger just not a big one to have me make a big deal out of it, I'm so ready 

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