Saturday, June 29, 2013

BLOG TOUR REVIEW: Sweet Contradiction by Peggy Martinez

Beth's dad is just freakin' cuckoo dang no wonder Beth was weird, "because the outward adorning of a woman's body is sinful. Because the obtaining earthly possessions is ungodly. And sinfulness and ungodliness are what the devil uses to pave the road to Hell."  What in the HELL are these people teaching their child! Beth I love her when she's all woman, she's saucy, "looks like your muscles have gotten even bigger, but I wonder if that has played a role in you diminishing brain cells." Oh my Matthew you little charmer you, "I don't mind so much, especially if the damsels were guaranteed to look as pretty as you." Oh, my word, Matthew you sex on two legs guy you, "I want to taste your lips again, but next time I want to take my time. I want you under me so I can feel your entire body quivering beneath me when I make love to you." His voice lowered and his words did funny things to my body. "But, having a quick, meaningless fling is not one of them." He's also a jokester and I love that, "so, you're scared then? You wearing your granny panties today and don't want me seeing them?" Matt good lord I just love that man, "you won't frighten me away, baby. I'm not looking for someone who looks a certain way, lives a certain way, or even believes a certain way. I'm looking for the person who drives me so completely insane that I feel like a hole has been ripped out of my chest when we're apart." Oh good lord, I REALLY love that man stands up for beth, "don't speak to her like that. She's no who** and I'll not have any man saying she is. I don't care who you are." Beth's dad needs a good swift kick in the nuts, "he's there for you now when you allowing him between your legs, but will he be there if he puts a bas**** in you? Or will he move on to another who**?" I really liked this book and I'm kinda hoping Ms. Peggy writes Jenn and Hunter's story I would love to read about them! 

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