Monday, May 27, 2013

Undeclared by Jen Frederick

So when the male lead is a HOT marine man, who MMA fights you know you're gonna have a good time reading the book! Of course Noah does have issues (but name one man who doesn't) "was I supposed to show up at her door with my rucksack and say. 'I'm a effing mess. I can't sleep. I jump at loud noises. I'm likely to strangle your cat if you have one." If you strangled my cat Noah not matter how much I love you I'd effing kill you that cat is my damn world! He's also not a very patient person when it comes to Grace, "I've been waiting for you to call me." Impatience was etched on his face." He can be the perfect gentleman is you allow him to be, "not while I'm around." His previously non-existent southern accent showed up as he drawled the last part. "My momma would be turning over in her grave if I let a woman touch a doorknob." He's also very funny when he lets loose, "is that your kink? I haven't had a girl ever call me Daddy before, but I'm open-minded." Bo, Noah's best friend is a total goof that you can't help but love, "I think you're supposed to take your girlfriend to an erotic film, not your best male friend," Bo commented. "Unless you're trying to tell me something, in which case I have to tell you that I'm flattered, but I play for the other team." Noah can be possessive when it comes to Grace and it's kinda cute, "I wanted to mark her, but I knew I probably shouldn't do that in public." Needless to say I loved the book and I'm ready for Bo's story. 

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